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Lucas Comes to America

The first review from amazon.com! -- Fabulous book! Lucas Comes to America is the heart-warming tale of how Lucas met Carolyn Farb, and what life with her has been like - through his eyes! The book is also filled with colorful and lively illustration, making it a visual treat for both children and adults alike. Very highly recommended.


Lucas Gets Fan Mail!



A New Book About An Adorable Dog Named Lucas

In Carolyn Farb's home, everything below doorknob-height belongs to Lucas


In her latest book Lucas Comes to America (published by AuthorHouse), to be released July 1, 2011, Houston author and philanthropist Carolyn Farb reveals one of her most personal friendships: her pet Lucas terrier named Lucas. When the media is overflowing with sad stories of animal cruelty, Lucas Comes to America offers a refreshingly insightful portrait of a purpose driven woman with her best canine pal.

Caroline is very involved in a number of projects to help others—in education, the arts, the medical field, preservation, and of course, animal rights that look after my constituency. There are many interesting people who visit us on different occasions. She’s gracious about opening our home.

When Caroline’s friends come over, most of them are happy to see me. I’ve had an unfavorable vibe only a couple of times, and I felt it in an instant. You might say the hairs on my back literally stood up. I really frightened those individuals with my growls and posturing. The only other time I go into a defense mode is when Mom and I are watching a show and I hear a dog barking on the television. They sound as though they’re right there in the bedroom with us!

Readers of all ages enjoy being invited into Lucas’ world: his daily routine, his favorite foods, and a delightful courtship with a neighboring Lucas terrier and the beginning of his own family. Written in Lucas’ voice, Lucas Comes to America displays the relationship of a beloved pet and his caregiver.

About the Author
Carolyn Farb is a native Houstonian who attended the University of Oklahoma and in 2003 received an honorary doctorate in humanities from Northwood University. She is the mother of one son, Jake Kenyon Shulman, who passed away in 2004. Houston’s premier fundraiser and event creator, Farb is a passionate art collector and is supported by her best canine companions: Lucas, a fearless and energetic Lucas terrier, and his exuberant pup, Maximillian.

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Photo above by Evin Thayer

Photo below -- Booksigning at The Buckingham in Houston - July 12, 2016
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I read your book and dearly, dearly love it. It speaks to your kind heart, the personality and disposition of our precious animal friends, and to intuition to know when something is right and when something is not right with those we love. And you do have good intuition. There is a caring concern and deep love that is translated in the book and being that the voice of the book is coming from Lucas, one realizes how sensitive and smart our furry friends can be. Each chapter represents a lesson for parents to convey to their children about deep love and caring.  

Donna Wick, PhD
WonderWick Marketing, Media & PR, LLC
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CAROLYN FARB is a native Texan who has become the foremost volunteer fundraiser in Houston. She is also an avid modern art collector. But who knew she also loved dogs and has written a book about one titled Lucas Comes to America.

This work of dogdom is unusual and shows Carolyn as a gifted children’s writer. “Lucas” is now on an iTunes app.

If you’d like to have this story of a dog brought from the UK to Texas, you can order at www.authorhouse.com



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