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Carolyn Receives Rotary Club Honor

September 28, 2019


We are delighted that you will be our honoree for our inaugural Rotary Salutes America's Heroes Gala for the Downtown Rotary Club of Houston.  As mentioned, our club is the newest of the 63 clubs in the Greater Houston Area District, and also, as of this spring, the largest.  We recently received a special recognition from the District Governor for outstanding achievement of Rotarian ideals, something unprecedented for such a new club.   I know you will recognize many familiar faces among our members, including George Strake, Charles Foster, Fred Zeidman, George Masi, the Director of Harris Health, Jason Fuller, Neil Bush, and many others. Our Gala Co-Chairs Susan and Lynn Birdwell will be in touch soon.   Thank you again for being our honoree!

Warmest regards,
Denis DeBakey
Chair, Club Administration Committee
Downtown Club Board Member

Rotary Club Program Cover

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